1. Three color study: 105x110cm 
2. Inner seascape: 100x120cm 
3. Exploring the gray and green: 100x70cm 
4. I am a bird gehrl: 90x120cm 
5. Seascape: 150x130cm 
6. Waves: 100x70cm 
7. There is a light somewhere: 90x90cm 
8. Tout seul: 150x100cm  
9. Forget all the roses: 70x100cm 
10. Seascape: 95x75cm 
11. The possibility of an Island: 90x100cm 
12. Green sea: 90x100cm 
13: The world is not my home: 135x150
14: Northsea: 160x150
15: There' s an ocean inside in lead blue: 150x100
16: There's an ocean inside n02: 150x100
17: There's an ocean inside n03: 200x120
18: There is a light: 95x75
19: Reflect the times nn04: 115x130
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