Inner landscapes

All inner landscapes are born out of need to break down all human interference and to build up again the earth with the respect it deserves

1. Inner landscape n°1, tapestry: 120x170cm 

2. Inner landscape n°2: 125x125cm 

3. Inner landscape n°3: 110x110cm 

4.The road: 200x120cm 

5.Inner landscape in red and green 

6. I need a forest fire: 150x85cm 

7.The road n°2: 150x150cm 

8. Inner landscape: 200x120cm 

9. Rendez-vous au prochain rêve: 60x50cm 

10. Saga: 140x140cm: 

11. Blue lake: 90x90cm: 

12. Inner landscape in gray: 90x90 cm 

13. Inner landscape: 60x60 cm 

14. Inner landscape: 90x90 

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